Vestvågøy Lofoten all 27 real mountain summit on ski.

Vestvågøy Lofoten all 27 real mountain summit on ski.

Vestvågøy Lofoten alle 27 fjelltopper på ski.


Between 2 november 2019 and 6 june 2020 I climb and ski all 27 summit. A couple of them I ski twice or more and some I needed two or three try before I success.

Here the list of all summit: All 27 summit

Top 5 Best ski mountain:

  • Justadtinden 738m CENTRAL a lot of line in all direction with a lot of snow and good snow.
  • Jellvollstinden 746m WEST The skirun from summit to north is steep the hole way down to the ocean. Effective decent meters and really funny.
  • Kvanndalstinden, Blåtinden 601m CENTRAL Good skirun with good snow, perfect for the most ski tourers.
  • Håtinden 649m EAST A long skirun with good snow, little approach.
  • Himmeltinden 962m WEST Have one really good skirun that mostly skiers don`t ski. Important to ski and climb up in Lauvdalen – Øvredalen directly to the real summit. (NOT in Durmålsdalen).

Top 5 Hardest to summit on ski/winter:

  • 1 Kistdalstinden 883m WEST Tough all directions.
  • 2 Vårsetaksla 511m WEST Small but tough.
  • 3 Vikjordtinden 599m EAST Steep last part.
  • 4 Varden, Anderstinden 584m EAST Last 40 meters is little climbing/ small steeps.
  • 5 Blåtinden vid Rolvsfjorden 601m CENTRAL Last part to summit is narrow ridge on 10m and later steep and narrow for 4m if you want to stand or sit (I recommend to sit) on the summit.

Read about them in chronological order here:

Varden, Anderstinden 584m EAST

Varden, Anderstinden 584m ØST 2019-11-02

Kartstaven 544m CENTRAL

Kartstaven 544m CENTRAL 2019-11-05

Kvanndalstinden, Blåtinden 604m CENTRAL

Kvanndalstinden, Blåtinden 604m CENTRAL 2019-11-05

Justadtinden 738m CENTRAL

Justadtinden 738m CENTRAL 2019-11-11 and climb it 3 times more between november -19 and june -20.

Bulitinden 554m CENTRAL

Bulitinden 554m CENTRAL 2019-12-20 in polar night

Guratinden 581m CENTRAL

Guratinden 581m CENTRAL 2020-02-09

Akseltinden 523m WEST

Akseltinden 523m WEST 2020-02-12

Blåheia 574m EAST

Blåheia 574m EAST 2020-02-15

Håtinden 649m EAST

Håtinden 649m EAST 2020-03-01


Haveren 808m NORTH EAST & BØDALEN 2020-03-03

Hestlitinden 507m CENTRAL

Hestlitinden 507m CENTRAL 2020-03-10

Steinetinden 509m CENTRAL

Steinetinden 509m CENTRAL 2020-03-14

Breidtinden 501m CENTRAL

Breidtinden 501m CENTRAL 2020-03-21 Second attempt, on first attempt we try from a more difficult direction. (picture is from early feb)

Blåtinden vid Rolvsfjorden 601m CENTRAL

Blåtinden vid Rolvsfjorden 601m CENTRAL 2020-03-27 Second attempt after turn around on first attempt because avalanche risk.

Middagstinden 707m NORTH EAST & BØDALEN

Middagstinden 707m NORTH EAST & BØDALEN 2020-03-29

Lille Skrådalstinden 584m WEST

Lille Skrådalstinden 584m WEST 2020-04-03

Skottinden 671m WEST

Skottinden 671m WEST 2020-04-09 Second attempt, on first attempt we turn around because bad weather.

Vikjordtinden 599m EAST

Vikjordtinden 599m EAST 2020-04-17 Third attempt after two days turning around because bad weather, on second attempt I even try to climb twice same day without success.

Medskolmen 599m WEST

Medskolmen 599m WEST 2020-04-19

Vårsetaksla 511m WEST

Vårsetaksla 511m WEST 2020-04-19


Bøheia 598m NORTH EAST & BØDALEN 2020-04-28

Trolldalstinden 589m

Trolldalstinden 589m EAST 2020-04-30 This summit was third try on. First time I ski Blåheia 574m first and over Dalstua and I turn around on the last ridge over to Trollsdalstinden because it was cold and windy. Second time was to windy again. Third time great succéss.

Ristinden 862m WEST

Ristinden 862m WEST 2020-05-09 Ristinden I try the evening before and I should pick up my wife at work. She quit earlier so when she call me I turn around even if I only have 400 meter still to go to the summit. The day after I ski and climb it again. Real nice and this time it was even better snow!!!!

Himmeltinden 962m WEST

Himmeltinden 962m WEST 2020-05-10 Second attempt on Himmeltinden, first attempt we turn around becasue we had hard wind and ice conditions.

Skrådalstinden 771m WEST

Skrådalstinden 771m WEST 2020-05-19 First attempt I turn around becasue low clouds and hard wind, second time we turn around in the car at the parking place becasue hard hard rain. Third time great success.

Kistdalstinden 883m WEST

Kistdalstinden 883m WEST 2020-05-31. First attempt we try to climb it from this side where the photo is from, maybe possible but real hard. Second attemp I try where the normal summer route is I it was more like a reconnaissance tour and I turn around where the climbing start about 150 ascent meters from the summit. Third attempt we success with the summit in perfect midnight sun. Probably the hardest one to summit on Vestvågøy.

Jellvollstinden 746m WEST

Jellvollstinden 746m WEST 2020-06-06 My plan was to end the project with this summit because you climb and ski from north in a shadow valley so I thought it was safe with snow long way out in the spring. I success with the project on Sweden national day of course and after me and my wife and dog sleep on the beach in Eggum in midnight sun. Perfect END.


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