About me

My name is Mattias Skantz and I’m born and raised in Östersund Sweden. I do mountains and skiing at most levels in thoughts, time and energy. I enjoy it mostly but I try to live a normal life where my largest interest doesn’t take overhand. I try to engage in contexts where no one neither knows, nor can relate to, the things I really do. This feels important because I hang out in some circles where we only talk mountains, snow and skiing. As a contrast to what I do, I’ve made an active choice to not live in the mountains. Today I live in Stamsund northern Norway together with my wife Esther and my dog Pirak.

I’m born 1983 so I’m thinking I’ve got the future ahead of me and I imagine my physical top at 35-40 and going to try to keep it up until atleast 60.

Things that effect my life

Growing up in Jämtland. Because I grown up doing alpine skiing tours in Jämtland and Sweden is rough and it gives you some advantages. It makes you skilled to do long tours, since there’s often long distance on flat terrain before you reach the actual mountain. This makes you fit for skiing large mountains with big elevations when you get the opportunity to ski them. It also makes you able to cope with cold and bitter winter weather on your own, far from civilization. The biggest advantage, compared to the Alps or Norway, however, is that there are numerous of mountains to ski in Sweden so you can get powder almost all winter if you know a little about weather and snow conditions. Apart from a few areas in Sweden, you almost never meet other skiers amongst the mountains. Because there so few active skiers compared to mountains, a whole winter can pass by without you seeing any tracks in the snow.

Another thing that influences my life is my faith. I believe that Jesus came to earth as God’s son and as the savior of the world.

I believe Jesus died for our sins and because of that we get all sorts of awesomeness through just saying yes and believing without protests. Jesus Christ gives me salvation and in that a purpose and meaning with my life. I do not need confirmation through climbing high mountains or skiing hard ski runs cause there’s something larger that’s give my soul peace. Jesus gives me forgiveness every day because I’ll never be able to do all good deeds.

 ”Norrland” (the region in north Sweden, 2/3 of Sweden) with its landscape and its people. Particular specific region and the people that’s lives here, must be experienced.

Norway and all its numerous mountains

Coffee and milk, two necessary drinks

My parents and my upbringing. My father Nils Skantz, who’s always been an adventurer. Even though we made our adventures in different ways. My mom Karin Skantz who is a very strong woman with a strong psyche. This has given me a head that can focus to reach my goals.

zkantz@gmail.com & +46 70 308 67 44

From left: Mattias Skantz, Lasse Collin, Andreas Willen and Kristoffer Kumar Lidvall
My wifie Esther and our dog Pirak