Skäckerfjällen All 16 summit. First Climb, on same tour.

  • All 16 and Lill-Anjeskutan twice so 17 summits totally.
  • 7 170 vertical meters or ascent
  • 78.58 kilometers.
  • On 2 days and nights, 45:15 hours from the startpoint close to Anjans moutainhut.
  • 19:04 hours active skiing.
  • 25:11 hours rest in Sockertoppens little hut.
  • 56 minutes rest on the tours.
  • Skäckerfjällen all 16 summits is also 5 north of Rutsälven (Rutsriver)
  • The evening of 19 may 3 summits 1 568 fallmeter over 14.78 km.
  • 20 may 8 summits 3 215 fallmeters over 32.45 km.
  • 21 may 6 summits 2 386 fallmeters over 31.35 km.
Were I start and left the car it´s was enough snow to start on ski directly.
Lill-Anjeskutan 1152 m is the first mountain and you must ski over it both when you start skitouring and when you go home. This is the backside and here is the best skiing.
Green run: Is the classic.
Yellow: The line is convex and it´s steeper the more right you ski in the picture. 
Red area: Is steep and technical with a lot of stones and cliffs. And normally in winter times is so much snow so the cliff is snow-covered.
Sockertoppen and this is the south and sun side 21 may. This is a classic ski mountain and it´s good.
Here is Sockertoppens north side on the way down to Sockertoppens little mountainhut. My idea was to timing a perfect sunset but I ski down 21:15 and the picture is taken 21:38. So I get angry an woundering to turn around and go home
Aakkantjahke 1138 m to left Mekkentjahke 1205 m to right. Red and Yellow is small and nice couloirs that is cosy and chill.
Jorpetjahke 1181 m is the name. Is a lot of Jorpetjahke in The Republic of Jamtland. Is southern sami and it´s means round like a ball. 
Jorpetjahke 1203 i Tännådalen Härjedalen, Jorpetjahke 1203 i Skäckerfjällen and neighbour with Mehkentjahke, Jorpetjahke 1181 in Skäckerfjällen close to  Sandfjället, Jarpetjahke 1132 in Frostviken. It could be a good Project to ski all Jorpetjahke
Sandfjället, Steavhkere 1230 m northside offer good skiing in 650 fallmeters. It´s 25 km from the road and civilzation when you have ski that run. If you get any mobil coverage at all you get norwegian.
”Track over the ice” Rutsälven (Rutsriver) had no ice so 3 of 4 time I cross the river I wade in the really cold water. Furthest north it was snow coverage over the river.
Down with the Rutsälven (Rutsriver) it was to hiking in the ski touring bootsover the weet morass. After all wade and all the weet I get this years first blisters.
I never get blisters. But this get my proud….
On Opmedstjahke 1199 m your se a couloir to the left. And ypu kan read about the couloir in the ski touring book ”Frilufsliv i Jämtland”. But my advise is to not ski that because it´s quite boring and inclined diagonally. The red run I have look on some years and this evning the time was right. After 8 summits and 3215 fallmeter  in the legs I was ready but not the snow conditions. It was a diaster, half frosen crusted snow and soft spring snow under. But down you allways comming!
Still a lot of snow 22 of may even down in the woods.
My sponges to feet after a looong tour.

Thoughts After

-Feels really good to be the first to ski all 16 summits in Skäckerfjällen in one tour. Skäckerfjällen is a popular area to ski many summit on one day. But I guess this is a record and maybe is one or three whatssoever have climb all 16 summit att all. Maybe on in years and then on both summer and winter.

My guessing is that Carl Wiström was the first to climb all 16 and the second person was me when I was completed with all 16 2012-08-02 and now all on ONE TOUR. But like I usually say  -Record are there to be beaten !!! 

The Mountains

  • Lill- Anjeskutan, Onne Tjohkele 1152 m
  • Anjeskutan, Stoere Tjohkele 1201 m
  • Sockertoppen, Gihperegaejsie 1202 m
  • Opmedstjahke 1199 m
  • Skeavratjahke 1191 m
  • Jorpetjahke vid Sandfjället 1181 m
  • Sandfjället, Steavhkere  1230 m
  • Dueljienaesie  878 m
  • Skïeledahke 1190 m
  • Lågsjöskutan, Skaalnja 1113 m
  • Buvrietjahke 1047 m
  • Dörrsvalen, Gaallanavte  984 m
  • Rovtsentjarra  898 m
  • Jorpetjahke 1203 m
  • Mehkentjahke 1205 m
  • Aahkantjahke  1138 m