Torg Till Torg, Åre Square – Östersund Square

Torg Till Torg, Åre Square – Östersund Square


It´s was me and my friend Kristoffer Kumar Lidvall dream to ski from his home in Undersåker/Åre to my home in the city of Östersund. The idea was: ”We are friends and for us the natural thing to do, is to ski. So for us if we want from a place to un other: we normally ski.”

Åre had bad skiing and a beutiful square. Östersund had good skiing and a ugly square.

The Info:

  • Åre is a boring and bad ski resort in Jämtland. Åre is a famous skiresort but compare to all Jämtlands over 40 ski resort Åre is just one i the crowd. No good pistes because there are like steep flat football fields without natural hilly sloped. The offpist terrain is nice but without exiting and with really less of snow.
  • Östersund and Frösön is one of the oldest and most classic ski destination in Sweden. Here is where all start and the ski slopes is natural hilly and fun to ski in. The offpist terrain is exiting and extreme on all ways.
  • Åre Square is quite nice and cusy.
  • Östersund Square is one of the worst in the whole world. It´s so totally crap. The name is ”The Golden Square” and it´s cost 3 991 615 euro to build. 
  • Åre to Östersund on ski: Offer both good and some bad skiing. But real nice and fun ski between this destinations.

So my goal was to ski beetween this to places so the people really understand that Åres skiing is crap and Östersunds square and their politics are crap.

The route

Of course I ski the alpine route between these places.

5 Summits:

  • Renfjället 986 m
  • Grofjället 952 m
  • Ottfjället Östertoppen 1265 m
  • Bredsjöhögen 944 m
  • Drommen 1140 m

The island on the lake ”Storsjön”:

  • Utöarna
  • Verkön highest point 338 m
  • Andersön
  • Bynäset
  • Frösön

Frösön 3 hieghest mountains:

  • Stengårdsberget 428 m
  • Öneberget 331 m
  • Östberget 466 m


  • 162,35 Kilomters
  • 4 851 ascent meters

39 hours from Åre Square to Östersunds Square. Day 1 12:57 hours and Day 2 15:17 hours.

A article in the local newpaper ÖP

The route on Movescount

Start on Åre square kl 6:16
Photo: Daniel Klintefelt
Skate with ski touring equipment is one of my favorite disciplines
Photo: Daniel Klintefelt
Between Edsåsdalen and Grovfjället it was nice track for Cross country skiing.
Photo: Daniel Klintefelt
In Ottsjö it was almost no snow at all. But Ottsjö is one of the point in Swedish mountain with less snow fall. Daniel Klintefelt enjoy the snow i the trench.
Photo: Mattias Skantz
On the lake Ottsjön was it 3 cm of snow on ice. So I have problem to get grip with my poles and that not Daniel Klinteflet had so here he was faster than me.
Photo: Mattias Skantz
In Östra Vålådalen Daniel Klintefelt leave my alone so I skied that evening futher to Vallbo – Stalovielle – Anarisstugan (hut) where I sleep. This picture is from Hosjöbottnarna in morning sun and the summit Drommen we see over there.
Photo: Mattias Skantz
After Drommen 1140m I had around 24 km flat skiing true the forest and after the snowmobiletrack to Hallen. Here only 16 km left to go before some food.
Photo: Mattias Skantz
I Trägsta outside of Hallen in the home of Samuel and Elina Löfholm I got some coffee, bun and some banana. Ready for the flat lake Storsjön. Here between Trägsta and the island ”Utöarna”. 
Photo: Mikael Frisk
Here on the island Verkön and the castle from 1800´s
Photo: Mikael Frisk
The last 20 km I was so tired so sometimes I must change between Skate and classic technique.
Photo: Mikael Frisk
Here some energi and water on the island Andersön and for the first time I se the city of Östersund.
Photo: Mikael Frisk
A tired hero on the last summit Frösöberget/Östberget 466m with the city Östersund over there. 
Photo: Mikael Frisk
Finally on the squere in Östersund after 39 hours of adventures.
Photo: Mikael Frisk