Jämtland & Härjedalens All 178 Summits On Skis.

Between 2005-03-02 and 2015-05-01 I ski all 178 summits in Jämtland & Härjedalen. 2012 I was finish with climb all 178 summit on both summer and winter.

1 may 2015 I skied the last summit together with Henrik Westling and we had finish the project together the same day. I guess spontaneously that we climb and skied around 20-30% of the summit together also.

Henrik had not done the project before.

Here you can read about all 178 summits i Jämtland & Härjedalen on webbsite svenskafjälltoppar.se

Here all the climber that had succes with this project.

Here comes a couple picture from the last summit we did together.

Blåhammarkläppen 1163 m.

Mattias and Henrik. Photo Annette Andersson
Photo Annette Andersson
Dinner togehter with friends at Blåhammarens fjällstation.